So you’ve heard about SHADOWCAMP and you want to know more?

Firstly, go you! We are so excited to be able to support women just like you on your journey to Self.

Our next Intake is coming up! 



We run our camps through Instagram so you can join our camp from where ever you are! Each week we run a range of live workouts that are between 20-40 mins each. These weekly classes are held Monday to Friday which start at 6.15am and are saved to the SHADOWCAMP Instagram page, allowing you to do the workouts whenever is convenient for you and also allowing you to repeat your favourites!

Our classes can be done individually to build your own timetable, or you can stack them as they are run. Each class is PT specific meaning they are results based!! We work very differently, with great attention to fine muscles and hormone releases to ensure full body conditioning.

We don’t give away much on this front before the camp starts…shhh!

But, at SHADOWCAMP we pride ourselves on being a community where women can reach out for support when they need it. We offer a space to dissect and understand habits, build self-esteem, and rediscover who we are outside of our roles. Because you are not just “Mum” or your 9-5 job! So who are you? We work together to help you to discover just that and break out of your shadow!

Nutrition guidelines are posted on the SHADOWCAMP page and on-going support, messaging and guidance is on hand for the duration of the camp. We pride ourselves on educating women on practical and sustainable lifestyle skills. Learning what is in the food we eat, how to create balance, our relationship with our emotions, breaking negative habits and creating positive ones are cornerstones of our philosophy.

Creating and maintaining a safe space is one of our top priorities. A lot of personal journeys are bravely shared, not only by Moni, but also from our wonderful members. Moni shares a more raw side of herself than you would see on her other platforms. You get to see her real life – kids, chaos and all. Uncensored. Respecting this is vital to being part of the SHADOWCAMP community.

Once you are part of our community, we prioritise your messages and from there, help you to build a personalised timetable for you and your individual goals. This is adapted as we support you throughout the duration of the camp. Each of our members pick and choose which parts of the program are applicable for them but we do find the members that dive in wholeheartedly and do all aspects of the program (physical, mental, emotional, nutrition) reap the best results.

Membership is $120 + GST ($138) for the full 8 weeks. After you gain entry, you become part of the SHADOWCAMP community and all communication with Moni is via the Shadowcamp members page and not through her personal pages.


Moni is looking forward to seeing you in there!
Shadowcamp Team. X