Hi, I’m Moni

I don’t share much information about SHADOWCAMP.
We all have a fuckitbucket full of evidence of our previous failed attempts.
I lead people in blind with nothing to compare to – a leap of vulnerability & faith.
My fitness journey started in my teens. I got my qualifications over a decade ago. And although I did get great results for my clients, I always felt there was a piece of the puzzle missing. When I became a mother, I couldn’t deny it anymore.
I had less time, less energy, more aches and pains, my hormones were all over the shop and my body, in all aspects, was different. I battled so much with negative habits from my own previous trauma.
The idea that “this is just my body now. I’m older, it’s selfish to want a body that doesn’t scream I’m a mum!” especially when it had just blessed me so greatly. And then I finally realised what that missing puzzle piece was – I hadn’t appreciated the mind, soul and body connection.
And so in a last desperate attempt to feel something, anything, positive about myself and my life – I started creating SHADOWCAMP.
A community where woman could reach out for support when they needed it. A space to dissect and understand their habits, build their self-esteem, and rediscover who they are outside of their roles. You are not just “Mum” or your 9 to 5 job! So who are you
Every class is PT specific, and our communication with each of our ladies means we can cater to individual goals, injures and lifestyles. We vent, share a laugh, or get told to put on our big girl panties and keep moving.  We don’t wait for ‘perfect’ – we learn to pivot with life and build resilience. 
The word ‘motivation’ is not allowed in our community. Instead, we drive the importance of willpower, non-negotiables & building a tool belt to work around obstacles instead of throwing in the towel or waiting for life to be rainbows & butterflies.
I am NOT for everyone.
I am NOT your quick fix.
I am NOT a mums group.
I am a WOMEN’S group.
We are so unbelievably proud of our community we have built. We are all different women, with different stories but we all share the same passion: to get ourselves out of the shadows and stand proudly in our light.
Moni Meredith