This Shadowcamp Membership Agreement is by and between Shadowcamp and the Member as named in the Signup Form.

Shadowcamp offers personal training and group fitness classes, and the Member wishes to participate in these classes and to enjoy other facilities offered including but not limited to, Nutritional Advice, and Shadow Live Chats.


The following terms and conditions shall define and govern the relevant aspects of this Agreement:


This Agreement entitles the Member to access the Shadowcamp3.0 Member’s Page where access to the workouts, Nutritional information, and Shadow Live Chats (hereinafter referred to as ‘Facilities’) will be given as long as the dues are paid in advance to Shadowcamp commencing.

The Membership facilities provided by Shadowcamp are as follows:

~ Live Workouts
~ Nutritional Advice/Information and Recipes
~ Shadow Live Chats


The Member has opted for the 8-Week membership and has to pay the fees to avail the facilities of Shadowcamp. If the Member wishes to continue to the next camp they will participate in an additional 9th week of the camp, prior to the next camp commencing. This RESET WEEK is charged at a discounted rate of $5.00NZD for the full week. The charge for this week will be added to their invoice for the following camp.

The fee may be paid via the following methods: Bank Transfer or via Credit Card using STRIPE.


  1. 8-Week Camp memberships are paid in advance prior to the Camp Commencement Date.
  2. RESET WEEK is only charged for if the Member wishes to continue on to the next camp and will be added to their next invoice.


Shadowcamp runs across an 8-week period. The Membership shall commence on the first day of the camp or till the Member pay the fees in full. The Term will end at the end of the 8 weeks, or until it is terminated by either Party.

The Member is responsible for updating their membership status by the end of Week 6 if they wish to continue on to the next camp. If the Member wishes to and signs up for the following camp, they will stay in the camp for a further 9th week (hereinafter referred to as RESET WEEK). RESET WEEK is charged at $5.00NZD for the full week. This will be charged to them on the following Invoice

Should the Member move forward in to subsequent and consecutive camps, this Agreement will stand until such time as the Agreement is terminated by either party.


To cancel their membership without penalty, the Member has to inform Shadowcamp by email. If the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement has been adhered to, Shadowcamp shall return to the Member the amount of money paid for the remaining part of the camp that the Member has not participated in within 10 business days.


This Agreement may also be immediately terminated in the event there is a breach of the terms of this Agreement by either party. This Agreement shall also terminate upon the death of the Member, or because of significant physical or medical injury where the Member is unable to continue the camp.

Shadowcamp shall refund any remaining balance to the Member, after deducting the outstanding amount owing by the Member, within 10 Business days after the date of termination.


The Member acknowledges and agrees that there are risks involved with any fitness and physical activity, the use of exercise equipment, and participation in an exercise program, and such risks may include the risk of serious bodily injury or death.

By signing this agreement, the Member knowingly and voluntarily assumes all risks of liability, illness, death, or injury caused or arising out of any use of the Facilities or the participation in any activities by the Member.


  • The Member shall not share or disclose any personal information about any member of the group outside of the group without first seeking and obtaining permission directly from the member. Breaking this shall not be permitted at any cost and must result in either suspension or termination of membership.
  • The Member agrees not to use the Shadowcamp comments section or private messaging to abuse/bully/harass any member/trainer or any other person. Members must respect each other in all circumstances.
  • The Member is expected to update their membership status by the end of the 6th week of any camp they are enrolled in. 
  • The Member agrees to acknowledge Shadowcamp in any public/online post where Shadowcamp is shared or discussed by tagging @shadowcamps.
  • The Member shall seek and obtain permission from Shadowcamp before sharing any content directly from the Shadowcamp Page/s
  • The Member understands that the Trainers at Shadowcamp are not medical or clinical professionals. Any advice that is given or shared does not serve as a replacement for a medical professional for either physical/psychological ailments.


  • Even once this agreement has been submitted, your admission to Shadowcamp will be at the sole discretion of the Shadowcamp.
  • Indemnification: The Member must indemnify Shadowcamp harmless of any and all claims, loss, injury, or damages without limitation, as the membership shall be serving as a liability release for the Member.
  • Binding: This Agreement shall be considered binding upon the Member and Shadowcamp. Any and all legal proceedings in lieu of the Agreement shall be resolved by the jurisdiction laws of New Zealand.


  • This Agreement is agreed to by Shadowcamp and the Member participating in the group fitness programme  . By checking the acceptance box on the Signup Form the Member agrees to all terms and conditions as stated in the above agreement