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If this is your first time visiting us, this is where you start.

Precall is our On Demand camp.

Precall Dawn is designed to get your Mind Body and Soul ready for our live progressive camp, Delta. In Precall you will have a new workout to do every day (5 days a week), some days you will be able to stack multiple workouts together, some you may only do one. These workouts are between 20-40 mins long. Our classes can be done individually to build your own timetable, or you can stack them as they are run. Each class is PT specific meaning they are results based!! We work very differently, with great attention to fine muscles and hormone releases to ensure full body conditioning.

You will have access to our Education Lives, covering everything from Basic Nutrition, to Emotional Eating and Stress Management to Training Around Your Cycle. You will have access to these 24/7 for the full 8 weeks. So anywhere you have wifi or data you have us. Once you have completed this 8 week Camp you will be able to join the live community, DELTA.

You will NOT have direct access to Moni in this camp, but you do have a team looking after you. Any querries with regards to technique, injury adaptions or sickness can be directed to


Moni Meredith

Moni Meredith,

Founder & Straight Up Warrior

Qualified Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience in the Fitness Industry.
Moni’s approach to training, combining Pilates, Body Conditioning, Lengthening, Weight Training, Hormone and Stress Release, has seen unprecedented results in her clients! She also has an extensive background in Boxing.  
Having spent most of her own life battling the shadows of her childhood trauma, she has a deep passion for mental health. Her experiences have given her a unique gift of being able to connect with people on a deeper level and she often refers to mental wellbeing as being the missing jigsaw piece to peoples physical success.
Moni is also a well known New Zealand Actress and has appeared in shows such as Shortland Street, Go Girls, and James Cameron’s movie Avatar ( to name a few )
She is a wife and the mother of two beautiful children.
Her gorgeous chaotic family love to gate crash live workouts!
She is forward, raw, relatable, bloody comical, and extremely passionate about the community she has built. We love you Moni!!

Weekday Workouts

Progressive PT Specific Classes
30-45min ~ Boxing ~ Conditioning ~ Pilates ~ Weights ~ HIIT

Private Messaging

We welcome private messaging with our ladies for continued, on-going support & advice. Or even just a vent & a laugh!

Nutritional Coaching

No fuss. No frills. No cutting food groups or restrictive meal plans. Learn the tools to fuel your body in a balanced & sustainable way, in order to look & feel amazing. Create life long healthy habits & get lasting RESULTS.

Shadow Live Chats

A weekly dive into our Shadow.
Build a tool-belt for success. Breaking/Creating Habits. Comfort/Emotional Crutches.
Identity & Self-belief.